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Hcs320 - Week 1 Research Assignment
1. Windows server 2008 comes in many different versions to accommodate features useful to different types of users. Were as large businesses would go with either data center or with enterprise. Were’s a small business would go with either business enterprise or even just web server edition. With 8 different versions to choose from it give the customers a lot of choices to choose from.
2. The main difference from 2003 to 2008 is the management and virtualization. There were many enhancements to windows 2008 from 2003. Some of the major enhancements are the domain name system, next gen TCP/IP stack, and its network awareness.
3. The advantages of 64 bit architecture are being able to fit up to 16 gigs of ram that can be recognized by windows xp/vista. The main advantage is the immensely increased virtual address space. Hcs320
4. The server core is a stripped down version were there is no windows explorer is installed. All programs are run thru the command line interface. Virtualization in windows server 2008 has Hyper V. Its allows your server hardware to do multiple sever roles as separate virtual machines running on a single physical machine. Power Shell is a command line and scripting language that helps to achieve greater efficiency and control system more easily. It221
5. The read only domain controller is new for windows server 2008. Its store an active directory domain database read only copy on the DC. The advantages of the RODC are reduced security risk to a copy of the active directory, improved logon times, enhanced resources on the network, and better performance of directory- enabled apps. It offers password replication policy, RODC filtered attribute set, unidirectional replication, and a special krbtyt account. For administrative issues it allows branch office server administration, and branch office application administration. It 221

It 221


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